From a mongrel to a pedigree dog. From impulsive to conscious buying. That is how we can describe our journey and our life with dogs. Bullterrier, black Russian terrier, juzak. This is the way which led us to Great Pyrenees. Why Pyrenees dog? We were thrilled by the pictures of this white giant, inserted in cynological quarterly "Dog & We". The description given by a well known cynological judge - Ewa Bukład confirmed our previous impression - this is the ideal breed for us. What is more, since this breed was practically unknown in Poland, it was another plus for us, because we have never bought dogs from fashionable breeds. After a long-term search we decided to buy Great Pyrenees from American breeders. Paradoxically in our opinion, thanks to conscious selection and planned breeding, based on rules which differ from the European ones, the most beautiful Pyrenees today can be found in United States and Canada.
Mł. Ch. Pl., Zw. Pl. Mł. 1997, Zw. Kl. Mł., Zw. Kl., BiS
1xCACIB, 1 x res.CACIB, 4xCWC, 3xBOB
The black & white balance was upset by Tusiek's son EDGAR KAR-PIW, who was given a completely different name - Edzio. Edzio is a living proof that the enviromnent an animal is raised in has enormous influence on the character of a young dog. Spending his youth years not only with Tusiek but also with Jarek, he acquired more politeness from Jarek than from Tusiek. It doesn't mean of course that all acquired habits which don't come from basic instincts will be pushed aside in case of danger. Nature always takes control over the dog in such circumstances. Edzio gave us a reason to be proud of his winning - in comparison to his father - Champion Class Winner - The Title of Club Winner and BiS Winner during Non-polish Shepard-dog's exhibition Lodz 1999. This is a great success only available to a few.
The Black Russian terrier is quite a complicated cross which is undoubtedly one of the achievements of Russian cynologists. From his ancestors, he has inherited everything that is needed: intelligence, strength and also defensive talents. However, without doubt it is a civilized dog. On the contrary juzak is the child of the southern Russian plains. This dog whose one half is wild, is used to difficult conditions and various dangers. These traits were visiable in the two dog's behaviours and how they lived together.
During the day, black Jarek is dominant. But when the night comes white Tusiek is dominant thanks to his instincts. The darkness is not a barrier to him - he is an excellent night-watchdog. Jarek would retire and due to his protective color would vanish into the darkness.
Ch. Pl., 4xCACIB, 9xCWC, 10xBOB, Zw. Kl.
1994 - 2004
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3 x res.CACIB,
10xCWC, 6xBOB
1993 - 2003
Into the world of cynological sport, which in other words means the world of dog's exhibitions, we were led by a Russian terrier who's name was JOJO BOREX better known as Jarek (picture on the left) also by a southern-Russian shepherd "juzak" ŁOTR ZE SŁONECZNEJ SAMOTNI whose name was replaced with some more familiar name Tusiek (picture below on the right). Both of the dogs being very young, were awarded with Polish Championship awards. Jarek was very close to being awarded an International Championship. Unfortunately illness took that chance away from him. This black & white duet have lived in a good relationship for many years, although its members were completely different, and the colour difference was the smallest one.
CYKLON BULPOL 1987 - 1994
Our adventure with pedigree dogs began with a bullterrier whose name was CYKLON. His character was perfectyly reflected by his name - the dog who wasn't afraid of anything. His unbroken character forced us to fathom the ins and outs of dog's psyche and to quickly familiarize ourselves with the literature concerning this topic. Today looking back from the perspective of time and gained knowledge, we have to admit that in his upbringing we made many mistakes That is why we appeal to everywho doesn't have any experience in working with dogs - do not be influenced with fashion, your friends' stories, thoughtless decisions or the delightful appearance of the puppy. Think your decision over. Gain knowledge about the dogs and especially about the breed which you are going to buy. Give yourselves a reliable answer as to whether you are able to suborinate the dog of a chosen breed. If you don't subordinate Maltese, well... it wouldn't be a problem. But if you are going to live under the same roof with a guard dog that will takeover the situation because due to your upbringing mistakes he will gain Alpha position - it is completely another story, whose ending may not be a happy one.
Dogs have been in our lives as long as I can remember. They weren't pedigree dogs. It wasn't important at that time. They were the best companions, friends through thick and thin days. Our house is in some way a continuation of what we have experienced in our childhood years. We live in a small city in central Poland, and dogs still live with us. We can't imagine our life without them. We treat them as family members. They bring happiness, joy and adventure into our lives. Thanks to them we have learnt so much. Thanks to them we met wonderful people, who share our passion, whom we would have never probably met without our four-leg friends. We discovered that language, cultural or age barriers are not important if we meet on our way, people who love dogs as much as we do.